A Kincaid Incident

Ever since I left SLO Pokes I’ve been playing gigs with friends in various arrangements. Sometime it was a four piece unit with bass, drums, lead guitar. Other times it was just another guitar player and on one occasion I played with a bass and drums. I thought of these gigs as “incidents” and came up with the name “A Kincaid Incident”. I never knew who’d be playing with me until I start rehearsals for the next gig. Since 2019 I’ve been gigging with only a bass player, Phil Gross.

Phil Gross, a guitar, bass and vocalist I met at the Ron Saul jams. We got along well and decided to play together. Phil is from the San Diego area and back in the 60s-70s was a leading player in the folk/pop scene. He hung out with musicians like Jack Tempchin and Tom Waits and many others you’ve probably never heard of but went on to musical success writing songs and producing. Phil sang and accompanied himself on guitar for many years until a freak medical condition (which also affected musicians like Tony Rice) prevented him from singing. He picked up the bass and now he’s the guy! Excellent time and creative.

We play the usual gigs at wineries, private parties and charity events eschewing the bar scene, etc.